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You fools, wake up! Can you not see the wasteland that has become of our beloved city? For too long we have relied on the Avatar to be our guiding light, but what will happen to us when the Avatar is gone? We become like helpless sheep powerless to the wolf's will once our shepherd abandons us. And to that, I say, 'No longer!' We are the rightful defenders of our homeland, and we must take the responsibility to uphold these foundations upon ourselves! True balance will prevail with those who fight for it until the very end. And so I tell you, rise! Rise in the name of your country, in the name of justice!

—Rasul, during a speech in Republic City

Rasul (Xiao'erjing[1]: لاَ‬سٌعَر; Chinese: 拉蘇爾) born as Adil Tomurchi and posthumously known as Adiljan, was a Republic City-born political activist, musician, revolutionary, and philosopher. The former leader of the short-lived Defenders' March of Republic City, Rasul and his followers protested the authoritarian military regime of former Councilman Darlal (who was later revealed to be collaborating with Earth Queen Hou-Ting) and the oppression of the Fire Nation and Si Wong-descended populations following the Hundred Year War. An outspoken activist, he also opposed the reincarnation of the Avatar in favour of domestic protection and collaboration of the nations. He achieved martyrdom through his act of self-immolation in protest against Darlal's administration. Posthumously, he is considered a martyr among inhabitants of the Si Wong Desert, eventually becoming an icon of Si Wong independence and resistance to Earth Kingdom rule.

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Adil Tomurchi, a nonbender, was born in Republic City's Dragon Flats borough in 131 AG as the only child of immigrant parents Erkin and Patime. The Tomurchi family was of Beetle-headed merchant lineage, with Adil's father and paternal relatives working as metalsmiths in dagger crafting while his mother was a folk instrumentalist who specialised in traditional Si Wong instruments. Erkin and Patime had fled the Earth Kingdom before Adil's birth due to rising political instability in the region between sandbender guerrillas and the Earth Kingdom military. In the United Republic, the Tomurchis settled in one of Republic City's largest nonbender communities, where Erkin continued to weld weapons as defence for the nonbender population (the borough was known for a high incidence of hate crimes against nonbenders). Adil was educated in an elite school established especially for the children of Earth Kingdom immigrants, as his parents did not want him to attend the poor, run-down schools of Dragon Flats borough.

Legacy Edit

Posthumously, followers of Rasul refer to him as "Adiljan", formed from his birth name, Adil, combined with a suffix of endearment meaning "darling, dear". Despite his solemn rejection of violent protest during his activist career, Rasul was adopted as a leading icon in the future Si Wong Spring, a cultural movement marked by emphasis on Si Wong autonomy and identity along with anti-Earth Kingdom sentiment.

Rasul's Defenders' March, in addition, would serve as inspiration for a young Noatak fresh off the boat from the Northern Water Tribe. Though Amon and Rasul had never met directly before the deaths of both men, Noatak had attended several of Rasul's speeches and demonstrations as an onlooker during his young adulthood. Amon and his Equalists later adopted several techniques utilised by Rasul and his followers (i.e. extensive use of propaganda, underground recruitment, Amon's status as a divine figure).

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  1. I headcanon that the inhabitants of the Si Wong Desert and the eastern Earth Kingdom use a Perso-Arabic script for their written language (either based off of Chinese Xiao'erjing or the Uyghur script), while those living in the central to western Earth Kingdom use Chinese characters.