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Adil (Chinese: 阿迪爾; Xiao'erjing[1]: اَدِعَر), also known as Rasul (Chinese: 拉蘇爾; Xiao'erjing: لَاسُوعَر) and Adiljan (阿迪爾健; "Adil the dear") is a fan character of The Legend of Korra series and the main protagonist of the fanon short story, The City of Bridges.

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Early Life (141-158 AG) Edit

Adil was born in Republic City in 141 AG to father Erkin and mother Patime. His parents were non-bender immigrants from the Si Wong Desert of the eastern Earth Kingdom who arrived in the United Republic for occupational opportunities. Adil was of Beetle-headed merchant ancestry on both sides of his family, and his parents, both children of prominent mercantile families, were wedded through a strategic arranged marriage. While Erkin specialised in knife and dagger craftsmanship, Patime was a weaver and hat maker. Adil was the couple's only child.

Adil's father was known for his talent with the dutar, a unique instrument found only in Si Wong Desert and the western Earth Kingdom.

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Trivia Edit

  • Adil (عادل) means "just" or "fair" in Arabic.[2][3]
  • He is inspired by several real Middle Eastern/Arab rappers such as Palestinian Shadia Mansour and Tunisian Hamada Ben Amor, while his family is inspired by Uyghur and Turkic culture.
  • Because he was a non-bender, Adil carried a sheathed Yengisar knife (a Uyghur short dagger) with him at all times as means of protection.
    • The dagger was an heirloom from his father's mercantile family in the Si Wong.

References Edit

  1. In my fanon, the people of the Si Wong Desert (i.e. Sandbender Tribes and Beetle-headed merchants) use form of the Arabic script to write instead of the traditional Chinese one found in the Earth Kingdom or elsewhere. The system is based on a real Perso-Arabic script (Xiao'erjing) used by Chinese Muslims.

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