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Name Althea
Race Human/Spirit
Age over 1000
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair dirty blond
Professional Status
Occupation Air Master

Althea () is a master Airbender


Althea has light skin with a few freckles slightly above her nose, she has short dirty blond hair and green eyes. Unlike other masters of Airbending, she never received the marks of a master because she didn't want to shave her head.



1000 years agoEdit

Althea was born into the air nomads over 1000 years ago and lived in the Western Air Temple, she was once nominated to be a member of the Four Council of Elders at her young age due to her mastery of Airbending, but turned it down. A few years before the air nation genecide she got into big trouble with the council do to bringing up that the fire nation would attack them soon and they should be ready (it is unknown how she found out about it)




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