Avatar Rion the Master Earthbender is a Avatar series that create by Cdswalkthrough

Plot Edit

Avatar Korra had brought peace to the World. She accomplished many things, but sadly, time in this world had ended and the Cycle of the Avatar starts again.



Rion is 16 year old Earthbender he originally lived in Ba Sing Se until he move into Republic City his Father was Dai Li agent before he retire he was the Avatar and successor of Avatar Korra he kept his Earthbender ability a secret from his Family upon discovering that he was the Avatar by Kakun and he forcefully reveal it he then train to master the four element


Is a Classmate of Rion he was a orginally a Bully who all way Pick on Rion and think he was superior to him until he learn that he was a Powerful Earthbender and the Avatar and became friend with Him


Is a Classmate of Rion he was a Firebender from Republic Nation He discover Rion secret of his ability to Earthbend and his status as the Avatar and fouught along side him


Meilin is the younger sister Rion she originally was a nonbender and was completely unaware of her brother earthbending and his status as the Avatar until she witness her brother entering the avatar state and then learn Waterbending from Kakun and fought alongside her brother


Hinami is a classmate of Rion and Rion has a crush on Hinami


Liana is crown princess of the Fire Nation and Daughter of Fire Lord Asuna and the Granddaughter of Fire Lord Izumi and the Great Grandfather of Firelord Zuko she ran away from home from a Political Marriage arrange by her Mother and met Rion and learn of his Avatar status and become Liana become Rion's Firebending Master


Naemi is the princess of the Fire Nation and Liana's twin sisters and Miyamo Older twin sister


Naemi is the princess of the Fire Nation and Liana's twin sisters and Naemi younger twin sister

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