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Name Seda
Race Human
Age 15
Gender Female
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Raining Phoenix (Pro Bending)
Previous Affiliation Silver Claw (Formerly)

Seda () is a firebending master and a previous leader of the Silver Claw. She currently is a member of the Raining Phoenix, a pro-bending team.


Seda has black short hair with four beads on both sides that hold some of her hair, with light skin and blue eyes. Like most benders, she has a rather muscle like figure but almost no womanly attributes she easily passes as a boy when needed.

Volume 1Edit




Fire BendingEdit

Seda mastered fire bending when she was ten



Raining PhoenixEdit

Silver ClawEdit

  • Mother - Seda hasn't seen her mother in over twelve years as she left the Silver Claw soon after giving birth but would visit on occasion till suddenly she stopped.
  • Father -
  • Aunt - Her Aunt is a water bender and that's all that's known.

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